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Sunday, May 20, 2007


100 Day Challenge: Practice 1

Here's the challenge... For the next one hundred days (May 21 - Aug 28) concentrate, as much as possible, upon what you APPRECIATE and ADMIRE.  At home, at work, in the community ... just notice the things you appreciate about people and about life.  When dealing with difficult people or situations, direct some of your energy toward not losing sight of qualities and attributes that are ALSO present that you DO appreciate.  Keeping a journal may be helpful, or you can simply NOTICE with the light of your intention...on a daily basis.  Also, attempt to include these thoughts in as many of your daily conversations as possible.  By sharing these wholesome distinctions you will provide them with ample opportunity to proliferate.

Willing to participate in the challenge?  We can post here during, or after, the one hundred days.  This is a worthy challenge, a worthy discipline.  Let's give it a go and determine it's worth...

Transformation at the Base Chapter 45: The Path of Practice

1) The first is to focus on sowing and watering our seeds of happiness. We do not work directly with the seeds of suffering but instead allow seeds of happiness to transform them.

2) The second way is to prectice mindfulness continuously so that when seeds of suffering arise we are able to recognize them. Every time seeds of suffering manifest as mental formations in our mind consciousness, we bathe them in the light of mindfulness. When they are in contact with mindfulness, they will weaken.

3) The third way to deal with the afflictions that have been with us since childhood is to deliberately invite them into our mind consciousness. When our mindfulness is strong and stable, we do not have to wait for the seeds of suffering to arise unexpectedly. We know they are lyig there in the basement of our store consciousness and we invite them up into our mind consciousness--when it is not occupied with other things and can shine the light of mindfulness on them.

But before we practice the third way, we must be sure the lamp of our mindfulness is lit and its light is steady and strong. If we practice all three of these ways to deal with our sees of suffering, we will be stable.

(Dealing with suffering is like handling a poisonous snake. We have to learn about the snake, and we ourselves have to grow stronger and more stable in order to handle it without harming ourselves. At the end of this process, we will be ready to confront the snake. If we never confront it, one day it will surprise us and we will die of a snakebite.)

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